Testimonials for energy therapy and massage services in Ipswich by Daisy Wheel Wellness

Energy Therapy

“Ten years younger”

“Hi Guy – I just wanted to thank you so much for the distant healing session the other day – I should have messaged you sooner but have been so busy… felt immediately better and even looking in the mirror felt I looked ten years younger!” 
Rachael L. London. December 2023


“A Talented Healer”

Guy is an extremely talented healer, whether that’s through massage or energy healing. With massage he is able to work out knots and relieve strain and induce a great sense of relaxation, which is fabulous and always very enjoyable. However, for me it’s the energy healing that has a touch of magic. The first time I received an energy healing from him I didn’t know what to expect and was, frankly, a little sceptical. I was stunned when within just a minute or so I felt a real jolt of energy run through me – it was strong but not unpleasant and afterwards I felt incredibly relaxed. 

Since then I have received energy healing from Guy both in person and remotely. He has managed to relieve back pain while standing several feet away from me and, most memorably, when I was in the midst of a traumatic personal bereavement and having to make a long car journey while under enormous strain and in real distress, he did a remote healing on me while I was about 80 miles away. I didn’t know when he started, but became aware that, while still obviously very sad about the family situation, I was able to face it with a calm mind and manage what was becoming an unbearable journey safely. When I asked him later, it turned out that that feeling of calmness, the ability to cope, coincided with when he was doing the healing.

I can’t recommend him enough – he really has helped me on so many occasions.
Karen C, July 2022


“Coping with loss and bereavement”

I recently contacted Guy in the hope that he might be able to help me through my grief after the loss of my dad. The fact that I live in France and Guy in Suffolk was not an issue at all. We had three distant healing sessions over 6 days and it has transformed the way I feel and my ability to manage this particular chapter of my life. From the very first session I could feel things starting to change and that continued throughout the week. Each session was different, sometimes I felt very little during the treatment, sometimes I felt incredibly strong sensations, but there is without a doubt a much deeper, longer lasting effect than just the physical experience and I am in a much better place now than I was before. The difference it has made is incredible, if you have ever had any doubts about energy healing or ever wanted to give it a go but weren’t sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

I recommend Guy 100%, I’m so grateful for this week of healing and will be calling on him again in the future!
Phoebe, June 2022


“Arthritic knee”

Over a period of several weeks Guy has been giving me pranic healing targeted at an arthritic knee, with the aim of helping me to be fit for a celebratory cricket match. The match has now taken place and it was a great game. Even better, I played the whole game and my knee was fine. Thank you Guy for your patience and gentle healing. I am looking forward to the rest of the cricket season and beyond with renewed confidence.

I can definitely recommend Guy and Daisy Wheel Wellness. Thank you!
Ben Box, May 2022


Relief from bereavement grief after a tragic suicide

I came to Guy suffering from grief after the loss of a close friend. I had an initial face-to-face energy healing session followed by 2 distant healing sessions, all within the space of 6 days. I had never done anything like this before but it was amazing. I felt better and better after each session both mentally and physically! I will certainly be back and would highly recommend.

5 stars! Thanks
Alex, May 2022


“My hip is mended!

I first saw Guy for an Energy Healing Treatment in August 2021. I’d been suffering from an extremely painful hip for a few months which was restricting my ability to exercise. After the first in-person treatment I had a definite reduction in pain and an increase in hip mobility. I subsequently underwent 5 distant healing sessions during September. I wasn’t sure how this would work as Guy is in Suffolk and I am in Cornwall but the results were remarkable. During the treatments I experienced a lot of physical energy shifts and each time, within 24 hours there was a significant improvement in my hip. I am thrilled to say that I have had no pain since the final treatment and I am still pain-free 5 months later. Energy Healing has been a revelation and Guy is an extremely assured and accomplished practitioner. He certainly knows his stuff!

 I would highly recommend him for in-person and distant healing.”
Francesca Gilpin, February 2022


I had regular massage sessions with Guy as part of a fitness regime I was following over several months. I was always left feeling incredibly energised and positive about life. Truly therapeutic- thanks Guy.”
Chris from Felixstowe
February 2022


“I had a fantastic sleep last night, best one I’ve had in ages…would like another visit from you so you can work on my shoulders and neck.”
Mark. June 2021


“Besides the pain from trimming my friends hedge I have had a certain degree of pain when I do exercises every morning. This has been going on for about a year. I am happy to announce that this morning during my morning exercise routine I was totally pain free in my right shoulder. All I can say is Wow!
Obviously you have a healing touch…
Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Will. June 2021


“Thank you for the massage… You made me feel really comfortable. I will definitely be in touch again regarding another appointment…it was superb. Thanks so much…”
Steve. June 2021


“It was great to meet you and a fantastic massage… I really do enjoy massage and am looking forward to the next one…”
Graham. June 2021


“I noticed the benefits of getting a series of massages as opposed to just one – the relief of aches and pains was greater and lasted longer. The sessions were excellent, good pressure and very accurate on the muscles (got to the right ones!)”
Kecia H. April 2021


“Guy is an excellent therapist with a soothing voice which adds to the relaxation. My tight shoulders benefited greatly from the treatments as did a lower back spasm..”
Karen C. October 2020


“I really felt a progressive benefit from having a course of massages as opposed to the occasional one. After years of stress, these 5 massages peeled back the layers and left me much more relaxed and able to sleep better as a result.”
Chris C. October 2020


“I’ve really enjoyed Guy’s treatments. I’ve definitely benefitted both in terms of less tense muscles, less tension in my head, and more relaxed. I would very much like to continue to have massages with Guy. He offers me the right balance of relaxation and work on specific muscles when needed.”
 Amanda M. October 2020