Energy therapy

Energy therapy

“More and more people are turning to complementary therapies to find
a healing process that works for them.”

“Energy therapy does not involve the use of pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures.”

Treatments for anxiety, stress, grief, trauma, low self-esteem and addictions
as well as chronic conditions and physical illnesses.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a complementary therapy which works with the body’s natural energy. We are all energy beings. Energy is all around us; it is at our very core; it is our life force. We see some of it as light, hear some of it as sound, feel some of it as touch or heat or pressure. But most of the energy around us is invisible to us. Without specialist equipment we can’t see the wifi in our homes, can’t see the electricity in the wiring, can’t hear the radio waves. But we know this energy is there.

Can energy healing help me?

Energy therapy can help you, whether you are struggling with an ailment or disease, or with an emotional or psychological issue. The therapy does not rely on a belief system or religion and it may provide the route to wellness that you have been looking for.

Our bodies are little more than a handful of chemical compounds and a few buckets of water but there is energy that supports our life force. Every organ of our bodies, every cell, every molecule and every atom is vibrating with energy. The atoms themselves are made up of electrically charged particles. Subatomic particles were discovered way back in 1897. But open many a textbook on anatomy now in the 21st century and you will read that the atom is the smallest building block. In these texts the energies that make up the atoms are completely ignored.

We have around 75 billion cells in our body and each person’s cells have vibrational frequencies. These create energy fields in and around our bodies. In effect, we have a physical body and an energy body, with its own meridians, channels and centres of energy.

Energies influence each other. In fact it was noted way back in 1665 that if you put 2 clocks next to each other their pendulums will influence each other. So they quickly synchronise to the same rhythm. It is a basic law of physics called entrainment.

What sort of energy therapy do you offer?

I work with 3 different disciplines of energy therapy. Reiki is the type of energy therapy that many people have heard of and I am a Reiki Master. I am also a Bio-energy therapist and a practitioner of pranic healing having studied both advanced pranic healing and pranic psychotherapy. The differences between these three modalities are very subtle, but all of them are energy therapies. Unless specifically requested otherwise, I use whichever technique seems appropriate for my client at any given session.

In energy healing, I influence my client’s energy fields by entrainment and other techniques. These draw on the natural bio-forces around us and within us. And this helps the body achieve homeostasis – a balanced equilibrium. Because blockages in energy are like knots in a muscle they can be smoothed out and rebalanced. I therefore work with the body’s energy centres, recognised as the chakras, or with a specific physical area that is causing concern. So no two sessions are the same and the treatment is tailored to your needs.

What does a bio-energy therapy session involve?

We will start with a full consultation so that I can understand what you are trying to get out of the treatment and why you have come for therapy.

The treatment is carried out with you fully clothed. This will usually be with you relaxing on a therapy table (massage table), but it can be done with you in a seated position if lying down is not comfortable for you.

For around 45 minutes all you have to do is relax. I will be working with your energy fields, at times with my hands resting on your body if it is a face to face session. And at times my hands will be just above your body in the fields that surround you. During the treatment you may have physical sensations like tingling in parts of your body or you may experience waves of emotions. There can be reactions – from falling asleep to crying from the surfacing of blocked emotions. Or you may feel absolutely nothing at all at the time of the actual treatment. Different people react at different times and the body continues to respond over the days that follow.

Yes, I’m being simplistic, but I hope this gives you some insight into the concept of what can be achieved with reiki, pranic or bio-energy healing. Contact me to discuss your needs further.