Energy therapy and massage

Just as a single pebble can send out ripples across an entire body of water, the smallest change in tension or energy can send ripples across your entire body to influence your wellness.

Complementary therapies for physical and emotional ailments.

Take a bit of ‘me time’ and give yourself a chance to relax, chill-out and repair.
Don’t we all need it at the moment?

Our physical bodies and our emotions work together. If you are hurt or injured or suffering from an illness it will affect your mood; and if you are struggling with emotions or suffering from stress or tension it will manifest itself in the physical body.

Both massage and energy therapy, or even a combination of the two, can help you with this. Whilst massage works on a physical musculoskeletal level soothing and relaxing your body, energy therapy works on a fundamental energy level rebalancing your body to allow it to heal itself.

Wellness is a state of physical and mental wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.

If you are struggling with a physical or emotional issue, want your aches and pains relieved, or simply want a bit of hugely valuable relaxation then get in touch and let me help you on a path to wellness.