Distant Healing

We don’t have to be face to face for a therapy session to take place. Distant healing, sometimes called remote healing, is every bit as good.

I have successfully worked remotely with both physical ailments such as aches and pains in joints, and with psychological conditions such as grief and anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.

Initial consultations can be conducted by phone or video call. Sessions can then be done with or without the phone or video connection, with a follow-up contact at the end of the session.

Can this really work?

I know it is a difficult concept, but energy can travel and be transferred instantly. Perhaps if you think about your phone you will find the idea more understandable. The instant you speak into your mobile, someone a huge distance from you hears your voice. Modern technology is making the most of the fact that energy can transfer through thin air. The phone converts the energy vibrations you have created (your spoken words) into radio waves, and pings it across the world, often via wifi and sometimes via satellites outside our atmosphere, to the receiving phone the other end.

Do not underestimate the ability of our own energies to also move through thin air. We don’t need technology to help us with this, we can do it ourselves. Have you ever thought of someone and you phone them and they tell you they knew it was you before they answered the phone? That is because when you decided to call them, your thought energy connected with them faster than you could make the call.

Anyway, enough of the explanations, the point is that an energy therapy session can be conducted from a distance with great effect. And there are some significant advantages to this. Quite apart from removing the need to travel, many people find that their own space is where they are most comfortable and most relaxed. This makes them more receptive to the effects of the treatment.

So whether you are down the road from me or on the other side of the world, a distant healing treatment is available.


The fact that I live in France and Guy in Suffolk was not an issue at all. We had three distant healing sessions over 6 days and it has transformed the way I feel and my ability to manage this particular chapter of my life. Phoebe G., France


“Hi Guy – I just wanted to thank you so much for the distant healing session the other day – I should have messaged you sooner but have been so busy… felt immediately better and even looking in the mirror felt I looked 10 years younger!” Rachael L. London