Treat yourself to a massage!
I am a fully qualified male massage therapist and I offer a mobile massage service in the Ipswich and Woodbridge area in Suffolk. It’s a visiting massage service – I come to your home or chosen location. I’m happy to treat men or women of any age. I also have a studio at Otley, Suffolk if you’d prefer to come to me.

The stresses and strains of every day life take their toll on our bodies and on our mood. Anxiety and stress are unseen but your body is reacting, the muscles tightening and knots forming. Typically you might notice stiffness and aches in your neck and shoulders or on your back. But knots and tension can be anywhere in your body and you may not even be aware of them until you have a full body massage.

Massage manipulates your muscles and soft tissues and gradually smooths out the knots and tension. At the same time it has the effect of increasing blood flow and lymphatic flow. This helps remove toxins from your body and you start to heal yourself. Your body becomes refreshed and you get a huge sense of relaxation and wellbeing. That relaxation is a relief from the aches and pains or emotional stress, and so your body stops tensing. It sets off a whole circle of positive healing and moves you towards a state of wellness.

Massage can help you if you have a physical illness or injury, or if you have had a strenuous or stressful time. You don’t have to wait to be in pain before you have a massage – prevention is far better and it can be a real luxury just to chill out, spend a bit of time looking after yourself, and relax.

My massages are tailored to your needs so that I can concentrate on any part of the body required. If you want to feel relaxed all over, then I suggest a full body massage as that will really give you an all-round treatment.

Please get in touch whatever your requirements for massage in Suffolk, in the Ipswich and Woodbridge area.